tbx (or "Team Browser Extension", "I", "Us", "We") cares about your privacy. Please read this policy to understand how data is collected and used.

<aside> 💡 tbx is a one-man project - for all questions and feedback, reach out to me (Slav) directly at [email protected]


Collection of Data

To provide the tbx software and service, here is the data collected:

1. Registration information

This is data that you provide at the time of account creation - email, name, profile photo (if provided). At the moment the authentication method is Google.

2. Cookies

tbx doesn't use third party cookies, but does use cookies for self-hosted and self-managed analytics.

3. Browsing session data

tbx is a real-time product, and doesn't keep any browsing history or activity after a session ends. We do however collect some information about the browsing sessions that tell us about the usage, such as:

This is for analytics purposes and it's likely we'll need more metadata to improve the product, but none of this will be personally identifiable.

How do we store your data?